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Rahat Shahriar
Jul 14, 2022
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In this presidential election, the Latino vote can step forward Job Function Email List and firmly occupy the place that demographic statistics give it within the United States. The press has a common narrative that positions the Latino vote as the maker of the next president. Surrounding 20% ​​of the population, its characteristics crossed by multiple origins and customs do not make it a Job Function Email List monolithic group, but that also gives it diversity and, in turn, relevance. At the end of the day, the mobilization capacity of an electorate that has not yet transferred its potential strength to the ballot box will have the last word. If he succeeds, he will go on stage definitely influencing national politics. Otherwise, it will be Job Function Email List kept as a promise for at least four more years. At some point it has tried, such as at the end of the 19th century Job Function Email List with the People's Party, the first version of populism, or, above all, in the sphere of the unions, although there, too, there were always fractures between qualified and unqualified workers. The point is that, in general, the elites of the southern United States have used the strategy of pitting the white poor classes Job Function Email List against African-Americans. They have consciously manipulated the fears of poor white people. In the Ssur, in addition, the mark of the civil war is still noticeable. Many of Donald Trump's supporters display a typical Southern mentality: they don't trust the government or believe in the public sphere. It is a Job Function Email List consequence of that "protect yourself but don't worry about others", typical of the plantation system. Trumpism _it is certainly a child of the Tea Party, but it also comes from something deeper. In the course of the 400 years of American history, it highlights the Job Function Email List importance of a series of leitmotifs , such as the one made explicit by Thomas Jefferson when he stated that "nature assigns classes" or the eugenic discourses of the late nineteenth century . Social Job Function Email List failure would therefore depend on the personal defects of individuals. It seems that these speeches still exist if we take into account some statements by Republicans in recent years. So nothing Job Function Email List has changed.
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Rahat Shahriar

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