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Waves Complete VST RTAS TDM 7 1 1 6

Waves Complete VST RTAS TDM 7 1 1 6

Waves Complete is a collection of over 100 professional audio plugins that cover a wide range of applications, from mixing and mastering to sound design and restoration. Waves Complete includes the Mercury bundle, which features more Waves plugins than ever before, as well as the GTR3 guitar amp and effects simulator, the JJP and CLA signature series, the Eddie Kramer and Tony Maserati collections, and many more. Waves Complete is compatible with VST, RTAS, and TDM formats, and can be used with most popular digital audio workstations (DAWs) such as Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic, Ableton Live, and others.


Waves Complete v7.1.1.6 is the latest version of Waves Complete, released in March 2023. It includes several bug fixes and improvements, such as:

  • Fixed crashes and graphic issues with some plugins on Mac OS X Lion.

  • Fixed compatibility issues with some DAWs on Windows 7.

  • Improved performance and stability of GTR3 and IR360 plugins.

  • Added support for Avid HDX systems.

  • Updated presets and documentation for various plugins.

Waves Complete v7.1.1.6 is available for download from the Waves website or from various online stores. Users who own previous versions of Waves Complete can upgrade to v7.1.1.6 for free or for a discounted price, depending on their Waves Update Plan status. Users who purchase Waves Complete v7.1.1.6 will also receive a free NFT collection of Waves plugins on the OpenSea platform, which can be used to trade, sell, or display their Waves ownership.

Waves Complete v7.1.1.6 is a must-have for any audio professional or enthusiast who wants to access the most comprehensive and versatile set of plugins from Waves, the world's leading developer of audio software. Whether you need to enhance your vocals, guitars, drums, keys, strings, or any other sound source, Waves Complete v7.1.1.6 has the right plugin for you.

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