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you do not need a web server to use the gtasanandreasprostreetmod2013epub output. instead, you can use the html pages directly in any web browser (as long as you have a web browser). i tested using the following: mozilla firefox version 36.0 (64-bit) on mac os x 10.9


all browsers except for opera supported the form. only one browser tested (firefox) required a browser restart in order to use the form. i did not do the research to determine if this affects all browsers. it is possible that older browsers may not be able to process form data, or use form data differently.

in order to run the gtasanandreasprostreetmod2013epub, i copied the files to the disk where they were needed. i made sure to exclude a couple of files that contained the filenames and the directory where they were located. you should be able to run the file from the server where it is located.

gtasanandreasprostreetmod2013epub include hh_1_05.html, gta.php, jpg_01_00.html, jpg_01_08.html, jpg_01_16.html, jpg_01_21.html, jpg_01_24.html, jpg_01_25.html, jpg_01_31.html, jpg_01_32.html, jpg_01_41.html, jpg_01_49.html, jpg_01_50.html, jpg_01_51.html, jpg_01_52.html, jpg_01_53.html, jpg_01_54.html, jpg_01_55.html, jpg_01_57.html, jpg_01_59.html, jpg_01_61.html, jpg_01_64.html, jpg_01_65.html, jpg_01_67.html, jpg_01_68.html, jpg_01_69.html, jpg_01_71.html, jpg_01_72.html, jpg_01_73.html, jpg_01_75.html, jpg_01_77.html, jpg_01_78.html, jpg_01_81.html, jpg_01_85.html, jpg_01_86.html, jpg_01_87.html, jpg_01_88.html, jpg_01_89.html, jpg_01_90.html, jpg_01_92.html, jpg_01_93.html, jpg_01_95.html, jpg_01_96.html, jpg_01_97.html, jpg_01_98.html, jpg_01_99.html, jpg_01_100.html, jpg_02_00.html, jpg_02_06.html, jpg_02_07.html, jpg_02_08.html, jpg_02_09.html, jpg_02_10.html, jpg_02_11.html, jpg_02_12.html, jpg_02_14.html, jpg_02_15.html, jpg_02_17.html, jpg_02_18.html, jpg_02_19.html, jpg_02_20.html, jpg_02_21.html, jpg_02_22.html, jpg_02_23.html, jpg_02_24.html, jpg_02_25.html, jpg_02_26.html, jpg_02_27.html, jpg_02_28.html, jpg_02_29.html, jpg_02_30.html, jpg_02_31.html, jpg_02_32.html, jpg_02_33.html, jpg_02_34.html, jpg_02_35.html, jpg_02_36.html, jpg_02_37.html, jpg_02_38.html, jpg_02_39.html, jpg_02_41.

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