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GIMP 2.10.8 Premium Version: A Free and Powerful Image Editor for Windows

install gimp using framework 4.0 (or later if you are using windows 10) using the.exe file that you download. i downloaded the latest version of gimp 2.10.8. click next on the installer and select the option to create a desktop shortcut. then click next again. in the window that pops up, click finish.

Download GIMP 2.10.8 Premium Version For Microsoft Windows


a lot of applications will tell you to drag your downloaded application into your applications folder on your mac but gimp does not provide this instruction (at least not in a prominent location). so, this will likely be the step where a lot of your either got stuck or will get stuck. dont worry its really easy to finish the job here.

for the complete gimp user experience, you need to install gimpplugins, a collection of plugins, add-ons and extensions. it is available for both the free and premium versions of gimp. i'll demonstrate how to install it for both the free and the premium versions.

most of the things that are available in the free version of gimp are now available in the premium version. both the free and premium versions of gimp are very easy to install. to install the free version of gimp, you need to download a gimp.deb package from the official website of gimp. this will get you a simple installer. if you want to install the premium version of gimp, you need to download a file.

in the following demonstration, we'll use the pre-built gimp file, and we'll use the free version of gimp, that is, gimpplugins. ubuntu is a great open source operating system, and in this guide, we'll use both ubuntu as our base os, and we'll use xfce desktop environment. you can use ubuntu, kubuntu or any other linux distribution of your choice.

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