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Watch K G F Chapter 1 (2018) ##TOP##

The film features an ensemble cast, most of them completely new faces. The cast members sported rugged looks, given the subject and setting of the film. Yash grew his beard and long hair for his role as Rocky, a slick and a suave person of the 1970s.[22] Bangalore-based model Srinidhi Shetty, a winner of the Miss Supranational 2016, was cast alongside Yash.[23] Srinidhi, a self-confessed fan of Yash, claimed that she had watched his films Drama and Mr. and Mrs. Ramachari, and stated that he is one of the actors to whom she looks forward.[24] In August 2017, Vasishta Simha bagged a pivotal role in the film,[25] while Ramya Krishnan and Nassar were falsely reported to be a part of the film.[26]

Watch K G F Chapter 1 (2018)

The character of Rocky was well received by critics. Janani K. of India Today said that "You take a look at [Rocky] and instantly you know that this guy will do the impossible and pull people out of their misery."[155] Sunaina Suresh of Times of India said that "The growth of Rocky is shown steadily and the makers kept a clever story telling pattern right through that keeps pace with the narrative." Suresh further added: "The first chapter shows Rocky as the maverick mastermind who will stop at nothing in order to achieve his mission."[156] Troy Ribeiro of News18 said that "Rocky is the new Superhero in the town."[157]

The film was praised by many celebrities across the South Indian film industry. Director Pa. Ranjith praised the team after watching the trailer of the film,[175] while Puneeth Rajkumar and Shah Rukh Khan also appreciated Yash and the filmmakers.[176][177] Raveena Tandon,[178] Rashmika Mandanna,[179] Ram Gopal Varma,[180] and Sumalatha Ambareesh (wife of late actor Ambareesh)[181] also praised Yash's performance. Tamil actor Vijay, who watched a special screening of the film on 20 January 2019 in Chennai,[182] praised the team for its brilliant filmmaking, and Yash for his performance.[183]

Finally watched KGF Chapter 1. A testosterone-sodden, hyper-stylished blend of Bachchan's 70s angry young man cinema with south sensibilities. Didn't like the first half, it's clumsy and the romantic track is full-on cringefest but the second half won me over. The world building is epic in scale, w/ lore that is ambitious and a visual style that genuinely feels like a graphic novel come to life. Chapter 1 is a melodramatic, rousing, visceral excitement and it's impossible not to be moved by its nearly nonstop visual assault.

no but this is one of the most badly edited Indian films ever. Every character exists to only verbally hype Rocky for breathing and the one person who didn't hype him was Garuda and he gets killed. Definitely aged so bad on a re-watch.

I have tried watching this film before but couldn't finish it for some reason. This is for the first time I sat down to watch this entire film and turns out it was a big mistake. The entire movie feels like it's on fast forward. They introduce an element and immediately it's addressed. There's no build up. There's no character development or attachment. It's just "Hey, someone needs to attack this dude" to "Oh, he's being attacked." 041b061a72

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